Monsoon season won’t rain on Perak’s hopes

The final Junior Cycling Malaysia (JCM) event of 2016, Junior Cycling Malaysia Terengganu (JCM Terengganu) road race and criterium, is due to be hosted on 5th and 6th November 2016 at Pantai Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu. Perak state coach, Hishamuddin Mohd Zaki shared his insights on the his team’s potential stars and his hopes for the final JCM event of the year.

Hishamuddin and his Perak team recorded a podium finish for the Under-13 Women’s category at JCM Putrajaya with Nyo Ci Hui grabbing the winner’s yellow jersey. It was the team’s first win at a Junior Cycling Malaysia event with consistent Top 10 finishes recorded at previous events.

When asked on the team’s training, Hishamuddin, 44, replied “We train 5 days a week on the road, then take 2 days to focus on physical training, so we train every day of the week”. Seeing as JCM Putrajaya saw the team’s first yellow jersey of the year, questions arose in whether the Perak team had any issues or problems that could have delayed their rise to top spot in the race events; “We do not have problems here in the team. We just focus on our training as usual and try perform as well as we can during the events,” he commented.

Terengganu is known for its strong winds and heavy rainfall because it sits on the East coast of Malaysia. JCM Terengganu happens to fall during the monsoon season which could mean that the weather could turn out to be another challenge for riders alongside other competitors. When asked if his team prepared any special ways to counter this, Hishamuddin replied, “The team prepares for every JCM event and focuses on training methods specifically catered to the conditions at every race venue. JCM Terengganu is no different for us.” He further added, “Yes, the monsoon season will pose a problem because of the strong winds and the rain because it affects the rider’s speed, their safety during the race, and the race itself. Perak does not have the exact same conditions as Terengganu for us to fully prepare for it so with this JCM we would just have to put in more effort to counter these problems.”

The goal of the Junior Cycling Malaysia events is to find and nurture new talents that are involved with the sport of cycling. Asked to name a rider in his team that has the strongest potential, Hishamuddin chose Nyo Ci Hui, the yellow jersey winner for the Under-13 Women’s Category at JCM Putrajaya. He hopes that she would be able to maintain her podium finish at this event and also excel in challenging for top places. He also hopes that the team’s Under-17 Men’s riders would be able to push themselves harder and achieve a podium finish.


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